When to Transcend in Clicker Heroes

Transcendence is the second tier reset in Clicker Heroes. It’s the next level of ascension. When you transcend, you sacrifice all of your hero souls, ancients, relics, and gold, keeping only rubies, mercenaries, clan immortal damage, ancient souls and transcendent power. You gain ancient souls that are spent on Outsiders; another level of ancients. You also gain transcendent power (up to 25%) which exponentially increases how fast your hero soul rewards grow. This guide will help you determine when to transcend and help you get you up and running on your new transcension.

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

The Flow of Transcendence

The idea behind transcendence is to start over with a generous boost every time your progress comes to a halt. In older versions of Clicker Heroes, the end game was all about grinding a small range of levels for a very small gain each time. In version 1.0, transcendence changed that. Once you’re making very small gains from one ascension to the next, it’s time to transcend and start over again; but with a bigger boost the next time around.

Earning Ancient Souls

Each ancient soul costs about 58% more than the one before it. Every order of magnitude of hero souls (10, 100, 1000, etc.) will give you 5 ancient souls. When you transcend, you’ll spend several ascensions building back up to where you were previously until you start earning ancient souls. Once you get to that point, you’ll earn a whole bunch of ancient souls over the span of a few ascensions until it starts to slow down. Which brings us to the #1 question…

When Should You Transcend?

While the number of ancient souls you’ll gain when you transcend is a useful piece of information, the most important thing you need to look at is how fast you’re getting them. Since hero soul gain correlates with ancient soul gain, the easiest way to track this is by looking at how many hero souls you’re gaining each ascension. Once the growth of order of magnitude slows down, it’s a very good time to transcend. However, this changes once you reach the transcendent power cap of 25%.

Your First Transcension

Your first transcension will be done immediately at zone 300 when you unlock transcendence. It’s not worth grinding out more ancient souls before your first transcension because transcendent power will allow you to earn them a lot faster afterwards.

Post-Transcendence to Near-Cap

From your first transcension all the way to about 24% Transcendent Power, you’ll be transcending whenever your ancient soul earnings slow down as described above. Doing one extra ascension or skipping one last ascension isn’t a terrible mistake at this point as long as you’ve earned a lot of ancient souls in the current transcension relative to your current amount.

The End Game Grind

Once you get close to 25% TP, you won’t be transcending very much anymore. You will only be transcending once you can’t progress because there are too many monsters per zone. Once you’ve got the maximum of 24.99% TP, leveling Borb up will be the only way to progress into the highest of zones. From here on in, you’ll be doing a lot of ascensions for a few thousand zones each; more when hero upgrades unlock.

Preparations For Transcendence

Spending 50 rubies on a Quick Ascension is no longer needed at the beginning of a new transcension. Using the current and previous day’s clan rewards will help get you off the ground quicker, though. You can use these hero souls to buy Juggernaut or an idle ancient, and/or Kuma if you have enough Borb & Chor. Lastly, a few points in Phan should provide enough of a DPS boost to get you to zone 130 or further.

Which Outsiders to Level with Ancient Souls

When you’re ready to to transcend, learn more about the Outsiders and how to level them with my Clicker Heroes Outsiders Leveling Guide.