Kibble’s Comprehensive New Player Guide for Clicker Heroes 1.0

This is a simple bullet-point guide of tips to assist you from your first play-through all the way to your first transcension in Clicker Heroes 1.0. This guide assumes you’ll be starting with an idle build on a fresh save file. After transcending and acquiring enough in-game auto-clickers, using an active or hybrid build will be advantageous. Click here for my Hybrid Build guide.

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

Your First Run
-Level each hero to the first upgrade at level 10 then move to the next.
-As you get farther down the list of heroes, you can go to the second upgrade at level 25 before moving to the next hero, and later level 50.
-Go back and purchase “All hero DPS” upgrades when you have gold.
-Don’t level heroes past their last upgrade for now.
-Farm gold from the previous level if you fail a boss.
-Your first few ascensions will be very slow. For your first few ascensions, when you fail a boss you will need to AFK for awhile or do something else. Gold accumulates even when offline.
-Use all your skills to push through higher level bosses every half hour.
-Levels 110, 120, and 130 are all primal bosses (guaranteed hero souls.)
-If you wish to continue further on your first run, continue to Beyond 130.
-If you’ve played Clicker Heroes before, click here to see what’s new.

When to Ascend
-Ascension is the primary building block of progression in Clicker Heroes.
-The more hero souls you earn before ascending, the quicker your next ascension will be. It is strongly recommended to beat level 130 since it is a guaranteed primal boss.
-Keep going at least until you fail a boss and can’t defeat it. If it’s a primal boss, farm gold until you can beat it.
-Every 100th level is guaranteed primal boss. (Guaranteed hero souls)
-Before you ascend, buy as many hero levels as you can. Every 2000 combined hero levels gives you 1 HS when you ascend. Later on you won’t have to worry about this, but for now those extra HS will be useful.

Beyond 130 & Next Runs
-Backup your game save to a cloud backup regularly such as OneDrive or Google Drive! This helps insure you won’t lose your save file in case something happens to your Steam files or website cookies that contain your game data. If you prefer not to use cloud drives, you can simply e-mail the text file to yourself instead.
-Level Frostleaf to 150, then go back to the top and level Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, Seer and Samurai (known as the “Power 5”) in multiples of 25. You can buy all remaining hero upgrades at this point, too.
-Dread Knight has a terrible cost/dps ratio. Don’t worry about not being able to buy him. You want the x10 bonus for leveling a hero to 1000. You’ll be using the Power 5 for awhile.
-After a few ascensions, you should be able to advance through most of the early stages by leveling your heroes up 25 levels at a time.
-Random de-gilding to the Power 5 isn’t necessary, but if you absolutely wish to do this, don’t spend more than 10% of your hero souls moving gilds. (If you haven’t transcended yet, don’t bother moving gilds.)
Click here for my Hero Gilding guide.

Pre-Transcendent Ancient Leveling
-Using an idle build is most effective for starting out since you can accumulate gold offline.
-Siyalatas, Libertas, Mammon and Mimzee are the only four ancients you should buy before transcending. Don’t buy any others until you transcend!
-Keep all four of these ancients at the same level, or as close as possible.
-Keep an amount of unspent hero souls equal to the square of their level. (i.e. level 5 ancients = keep 25 unspent hero souls)

Post-Transcendent Ancient Leveling
If you haven’t transcended yet, refer to the previous list.
-Try to get an idle ancient or Juggernaut ASAP when starting out a new transcension (depending on whether you are planning on using an idle or active/hybrid build.)
-You do not need to buy the ancients in the exact order listed, they are simply ranked by relative general usefulness.
-Buy first as idle: Libertas, Siyalatas, Nogardnit
-Buy first as active/hybrid: Juggernaut, Bhaal, Fragsworth
-Buy next: Atman, Kuma, any gold ancients.
-You can use the new ‘Summon All Ancients’ button in 1.0e10 to buy all remaining ancients if you have enough hero souls to do so.
-Only level up Nogardnit if you have in-game autoclickers since he provides no benefit without them.
-Level ancients according to this calculator.

First Transcension
-Transcendence is a second tier ascension. It allows you to progress farther when each ascension stops providing a significant boost to progression.
-You gain ancient souls when you transcend. You sacrifice your ancients, relics, hero souls, zone gilds and zone progress.
-Outsiders are meta-ancients leveled with ancient souls. There are nine of them, and each one provides a different type of bonus.
-Ancient souls, rubies, outsiders, mercenaries, clans, and gilds purchased with rubies are not lost when transcending.
-Transcendence becomes available at level 300 and should be done immediately to start reaping the benefits of transcendent power.
-Transcendent Power gives you an exponentially increasing amount of bonus hero souls from defeating primal bosses.
-For more information about ancient souls and transcendence, please refer to the following links:
Click here for my “when to transcend” guide.
Click here for my Outsider Leveling guide.

How to Spend Rubies
-Start off by buying one or two auto-clickers and the permanent double damage increase.
-Save a few rubies for reviving mercenaries when it’s cheap to do.
-You no longer need to save rubies for Quick Ascension when starting a new transcension, thanks to the outsider Phandoryss.
Click here for my Ruby Spending guide.

-Mercenaries have a predetermined amount of time until death.
-Their reward gets multiplied by their level.
-One day of time on quests gains a mercenary one level.
-Revive mercenaries if it’s cheap and if you have rubies available.
-There is no way to get higher quality mercs other than RNG.
-Ruby quests are the best quests, others are of limited usefulness.
Click here for my Mercenaries guide.

-Fight a daily raid boss with up to 9 other clan-mates.
-The minimum reward is 4 hero souls.
-The reward increases as you kill primal bosses.
-It’s best to join a clan with people of similar progression level.
-Find a clan on the Clicker Heroes Recruit subreddit.

-All relic stats eventually get dwarfed by ancient levels, but they can be helpful early on.
-Kuma is the best relic stat overall. Atman & Revolc are also OK.
-For active/hybrid builds, if you don’t have infinite skill times, having a good Sniperino and/or Kleptos relic can be helpful to boost your Lucky Strikes and Golden Clicks duration.