What’s New in the Clicker Heroes 1.0 Transcendence Update

If you’re returning to Clicker Heroes from an extended break, you may notice a lot has changed in the new version. Transcendence, the flagship feature of this patch, allows you to reset your ancients to gain a huge progress boost. The first thing you’ll probably be wondering is when to transcend, and the next order of business is going to be how to spend ancient souls. You may also notice some other changes. Here’s a full list of what’s new in Clicker Heroes 1.0:

  • Transcendence: Once you reach zone 300, the ability to transcend becomes available. When you transcend, you sacrifice all of your ancients, hero souls, relics & forge cores. These are then converted into Transcendent Power and Ancient Souls.
  • Transcendent Power: The higher your TP, the larger the exponential growth of your HS income will be as you conquer higher level zones.
  • Max Transcendent Primal Reward: This number, located on your outsiders tab, is the largest hero soul reward you can obtain from a primal boss. It starts out at 5% of the total HS you sacrificed when you last transcended. You can increase this amount by transcending, and by leveling up Borb.
  • Ancient Souls & Outsiders: Outsiders are the new “meta-ancients” which provide tremendous boosts. You level them up with AS gained from transcending. Every time you transcend, you have the option to respec your outsiders at no cost.
    1. Xyliqil: +100% effectiveness of idle bonuses (flat bonus per level)
    2. Chor’gorloth: -x% ancient cost (reduced benefit per level)
    3. Phandoryss: +0.05% Transcendent Power (flat bonus per level)
    4. Borb: +10% maximum TP HS reward (flat bonus per level)
    5. Ponyboy: +100% effectiveness of Solomon (flat bonus per level)
  • Gilds: You lose all of your gilds when you transcend, but any that were purchased with rubies are restored evenly between levels 100 and 300 as you defeat bosses every 10 levels.
  • Uncapped Ancients: Ancients no longer have a level limit. Every ancient that used to have a level cap no longer has one, but the cost of each level doubles and provides diminishing returns. Prior to transcending for the first time, you will notice your ancients have had their levels adjusted to reflect the new level required to obtain the same effect as before the patch. The effect has not changed; only the level.
  • Retired Ancients: Iris, Khrysos, Pluto and Thusia are now gone. Once you transcend you will not be able to obtain them, and they will not appear on relics. Each ascension is longer than before, but provides much more lucrative rewards.
  • Ancient Leveling: You can now press “V” to enter a number of levels to upgrade an ancient. (You can also press “T” to toggle between different quantities.)
  • Relics: Relics no longer have a level cap, and can be upgraded indefinitely. Each level costs about twice as much as the previous level for the same benefit, in a similar fashion to the now uncapped ancients.
  • Mercenaries: Hero souls from mercenary quests are now given after you ascend, instead of immediately. Additionally, HS rewards from quests are now calculated dynamically based on your Quick Ascension value.
  • “Deep Run” Nerfs: You can only obtain rubies from 25 clickables per ascension. This means you can potentially gain up to 50 rubies per ascension, depending on your luck. If you ascend in a normal time frame, you won’t miss out on rubies. Additionally, Dark Ritual can only be used 20 times per ascension, though it can be Energized and will only count once each time.
  • Getting Started: You will be guaranteed a better choice of ancients on your first play-through. Also, monster health is now lower at low zones, but higher at high zones.
  • Achievements: Achievements no longer award DPS bonuses, but several new achievements have been added.

Here’s what’s been added and/or changed since 1.0 was first released:

  • Patch 1.0e2: Offline progression, zone progression during Timelapse
  • Patch 1.0e3: Five new heroes: Tsuchi, Skogur, Moeru, Zilar, Madzi
  • Patch 1.0e4: Leveling animation for ancients and heroes
  • Patch 1.0e5: Auto-clickers: can be used on monsters, heroes, skills
  • Patch 1.0e6: Nogardnit, Ancient of Moderation
  • Patch 1.0e7: Transparent auto-clicker option
  • Patch 1.0e8: Clickmas event
  • Patch 1.0e9: Ascension & Transcension logs, improved auto-clicker functionality, improved options in the settings menu
  • Patch 1.0e10: Full patch notes available here.