Clicker Heroes: Simple Outsiders Leveling Guide

Once you’re ready to transcend, you have nine options for spending your Ancient souls. Each of the Outsiders – Xyliqil, Chor’gorloth, Phandoryss, Borb, Ponyboy, K’Ariqua, Rhageist, Sen-Akhan, and Orphalas – offer a unique enhancement that will help boost your progression. When leveled correctly, they will work together to boost you farther and farther into Clicker Heroes each time you transcend. Which ones you level will depend largely on what stage of the game you’re on.

TL;DR: use this Outsider Calculator.

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

Who Are The Outsiders & How Do I Level Them?

Xyliqil: Provides a bonus to all other idle bonuses. Good for idle and hybrid builds, though idle alone can’t get you to the very end of the game.
Chor’gorloth: Decreases the cost of buying ancients, up to -99.95%. Level Chor up progressively as you go, especially farther into the game.
Phandoryss: Provides a flat DPS boost of 100% per AS spent. Some Phan is helpful but it’s an additive bonus so you need not go overboard.
Ponyboy: Increases your primal hero soul income. Good for early game but diminished usefulness for late game.

The last five are often referred to as “super outsiders” since they “super size” ancients, making them more helpful at higher zones:

Borb: Increases the effectiveness of Kumawakamaru. The main outsider you’ll be leveling once you past zone 400,000.
Rhageist: Increases the effectiveness of Atman. Good for early/mid game as well as late game once you have enough AS to level Borb first.
K’Ariqua: Increases the effectiveness of Bubos. Good for early/mid game.
Sen-Akhan: Increases the effectiveness of Dora. Good for early/mid game.
Orphalas: Increases the effectiveness of Chronos. Limited usefulness.

OK, But How *Exactly* Do I Level Them?

The 1.0e10 Outsider Calculator can be used for both Hybrid and Active builds. While this calculator has not been proven to be fully optimal, it will be close enough for all reasonable purposes. (An active or hybrid build is required to progress to the end game in the current state of Clicker Heroes.)