Clicker Heroes 1.0 Hybrid Build Guide

In Clicker Heroes, there are three styles of play you can pick from: Idle, Hybrid and Active. Idle is the easiest to begin with. While idle’s better in 1.0e10 than it was before the patch, an active or hybrid build will provide the largest amount of progression in your game. This guide will help you understand what a Hybrid build & play style is, as well as when, why, and how to go Hybrid (or just Active.)

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

What Is Hybrid?

With an idle build, you don’t click. With an active build, you’re always clicking. With a hybrid build, you get the best of both worlds. The strategy of hybrid is to play as idle until the monsters stop dying instantly, then instead of ascending, click and use skills until you’re unable to progress to boost your ascension into deeper levels.

Why Hybrid and not Active?

Ignoring the idle ancients is OK, but using a hybrid strategy instead of active gives you two distinct benefits: You can turn the game off and continue to progress further, and you can utilize Timelapse to skip more levels. If you leave it running all the time, and you don’t use timelapses, then pick active instead of hybrid.

When Should I Go Hybrid/Active?

A good time to switch from idle to hybrid (or active) would be once you have at least 2-3 autoclickers and enough hero souls to buy all of the remaining ancients. Between 250,000 and 500,000 hero souls should be sufficient to upgrade from idle to a hybrid build.

How Do I Level Ancients For Hybrid?

For 1.0e10, use a hybrid ratio of 10 in the ancient calculator. This means you’ll be spending 10% of your hero souls on idle ancients. Additionally, make sure to check the box for leveling your skill ancients. The default value of 5 below Chronos is sufficient. You can also put some ancient souls into the outsider Xyliqil. A few levels should suffice as you want to be spending them on other things.

What Happened to “Nog Fish”?

Nogardnit is now a DPS bonus instead of a gold bonus, so this trick is no longer something that can be used in 1.0e10.


  • Idle + Active = Hybrid
  • Hybrid allows for more offline progression and bigger timelapses
  • Switch from Idle to Hybrid with at least 2-3 autoclickers & all ancients
  • Level idle ancients with 10% of your HS by using a hybrid ratio of 10 in the ancient calculator (10 Frags : 1 Siya)
  • Skill ancients can be 5 levels below Chronos (default option on the calc)