Clicker Heroes Ruby Spending Guide

rubiesRubies are the in-game currency in Clicker Heroes. You can earn them by clicking fish, doing mercenary quests, watching mobile and Kongregate ads, and by simply buying them. But what should you spend them on? In this guide, I’ll rank the order of things you should buy from best to worst and explain why.

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

1.) Auto-Clickers #1 and #2
Even if you are an idle-only player, having one or two auto-clickers will boost your idle progress with the ancient Nogardnit, and they are handy for leveling heroes and buying upgrades.

2.) Double Damage Multiplier
This is a permanent boost. After you pick up one or two auto-clickers, buy this.

3.) Reviving Mercenaries
It is smart to revive low level mercenaries if you have enough rubies available. Once they’re above level 11 or 12, they will become too costly to revive and you can save your rubies for other things.

4.) More Auto-Clickers
In 1.0e10, auto-clickers now scale exponentially once you have at least five of them. Keep some rubies on hand to revive mercs, and spend the rest on more auto-clickers until you’re at the point in the game when you need to start using Timelapse regularly.

5.) Timelapse
Once you’re well into the tens of thousands of zones, Timelapse will move farther up the priority list. Without using Timelapse, your transcensions will take a very long time. You can skip up to 36,000 zones with an 8 hour timelapse, and a proportionate number for the large timelapses (108K and 216K). The closer you can get to that number, the more value you’ll be getting. The best time to use timelapse is when (A) your mercenaries are on long ruby quests, and (B) you’re at the beginning of a long ascension. Stack all your gilds on the best hero you can level to 1000 or higher before timelapsing, and try to line up as many long ruby merc quests as you can.

6.) Quick Ascension
Quick Ascension is no longer needed at the beginning of every transcension. You might, however, use one on the last ascension of your transcension in order to push a little further without having to redo an entire ascension. This is optional and should only be done if you have enough rubies to spare.

7.) Start a Clan
You can join someone else’s clan for free, but if you want to start your own, this is an OK investment of rubies. The clan reward will help get you farther on your first ascension of a new transcension, but it’s not needed as much as before patch 1.0e10 because of Phandoryss’ DPS boost.

8-11 – TL;DR – Don’t Buy These!

8.) Buying Mercenaries
Since you can recruit mercenaries for free, this is not something you want to be doing 99.99% of the time. The only situation where you would even consider spending rubies on recruiting a merc is when you lose one, and all of your remaining mercs are very high level; high enough level that you wouldn’t want to send them on an 8 hour recruit mission. Generally speaking, though – don’t spend rubies to recruit mercenaries.

9.) Gilds
Every gild you purchase with rubies gets restored every transcension, but these aren’t needed because you’ll get plenty of them from beating zones. Even if you transcend frequently these are a waste of rubies.

10.) Relics
Relics are not restored every transcension, so they are of almost zero usefulness. You should avoid buying these completely.

11.) Extra Raid Boss Fights
Prior to the Transcendence patch, these were often worth spending rubies on as the reward was significant compared to what you’d earn from one ascension. In the current state of the game, it is not worth spending rubies on raid boss fights.