Kibble’s Clicker Heroes 1.0 Mercenary Guide

Mercenaries were added to Clicker Heroes in patch 0.23, and rebalanced in
patch 0.25. You can’t keep them around forever, but when used properly, they can provide a substantial boost to your progress. This guide should answer most of your questions about mercenaries. As always, if you find there is something in this guide that is incorrect or missing, your feedback on Twitch or Discord is always appreciated!

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

How do I unlock mercenaries?

At the beginning of the game, and every transcension, you must ascend once, or purchase a Quick Ascension from the ruby shop to unlock mercenaries.

Do I keep my mercenaries when I transcend?

Yes, but you must ascend once to gain access to them again (or QA.)

How long do mercenaries live?

Every mercenary has a “time until death” that is predetermined. Only time spent out on quests counts toward this “death clock”.

How do I level up my mercenaries?

Every 24 hours spent on quests gains a mercenary one level. A mercenary’s quest rewards are multiplied by its level, so a level 5 mercenary will provide 5 times the reward of a level 1 (not including specialization bonuses.)

Is it better to do short quests or long quests?

Short quests give a better payout per minute invested, while long quests require less micromanagement. It is a trade off, and the length of quest you choose will often depend on your schedule. However, if you have a high level mercenary, it is beneficial to avoid the longer quests so as to minimze the chance of it dying on a quest.

When is it worth reviving mercenaries?

Mercenaries up to level 11-12 are worth reviving because of the bonus reward they provide for each level. Once it costs more than 100 rubies it’s best to let the merc rest in peace unless it’s a high quality bonus ruby merc and you’ve got a sizable ruby stash.

A mercenary with extra lives should be revived with rubies the first time, provided you have the available rubies and the cost isn’t too big. That way you can save the extra life for the more expensive revival.

How do I get a Leeroy Jenkins/Transcendent/Legendary?

This is completely RNG-dependent. You’ll most likely get Leeroy if you play long enough, but Transcendent & Legendary mercs are much rarer.

What is a Demigod mercenary?

A Demigod is a level 8 mercenary. Beyond level 8, it will have a plus sign followed by the number of additional levels, i.e. level 11 = Demigod + 3.

Why doesn’t my Extra Lives merc have a bonus?

The extra life or lives is the bonus.

Should I pay 40 rubies (400 on mobile) to recruit a mercenary?

No, you can recruit them for free using other mercenaries.

Should I cycle through mercenaries to get better ones?

No. Send them on useful quests. The levels you gain from questing will provide far more benefit than the occasional higher quality mercenary with a bonus perk.

Which quests should I send my mercenaries on?

Holiday Quests (Clickmas Presents): See below.

Ruby Quests: These are currently the best. You can’t have enough rubies!

Which quests should I avoid?

Hero Soul Quests: Patch 1.0e10 made these close to useless. Without Solomon in the game, the ‘mercenary ascension’ trick is now obsolete. HS quests now only provide a small boost from one ascension to the next.

Gold Quests: If you are pure idle, these will help push your ascension a bit farther. However, active/hybrid is a much stronger build to use.

Relic Quests: Relics are random, they only last for one transcension, and they get dwarfed by ancient levels quickly enough.

Random Skill Activation Quests: Not very good, aside from earning the achievement for doing them.

What’s the deal with the holiday quest?

Clickmas presents are available until the end of the year, and can contain a Snowman auto-clicker skin, relics, rubies and candy canes that allow you to revive a mercenary of any level. The relics’ level is determined by the level at which you open the presents. Each candy cane and ruby is successively less likely to drop than the one before, but you should be able to earn plenty before reaching a point where these quests aren’t worth it anymore.

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