Kibble’s Comprehensive New Player Guide for Clicker Heroes 1.0

This is a simple bullet-point guide of tips to assist you from your first play-through all the way to your first transcension in Clicker Heroes 1.0. This guide assumes you’ll be using an idle build, as it’s the easiest build to start with. When you’re earning at least 500,000 hero souls per ascension and are ready to move to hybrid, click here for my Hybrid Build guide.

Last Updated April 4, 2017. Please send any feedback to /u/kibble-net

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When to Transcend in Clicker Heroes

The flagship feature of the new 1.0 version of Clicker Heroes is Transcendence. It’s a meta-version of ascending. When you transcend, you sacrifice all of your hero souls, ancients, relics, and gold, keeping only rubies, mercenaries, and clan immortal damage. You gain ancient souls which are spent on Outsiders, the new meta-ancients. This guide will help you determine when to transcend and help you make the necessary preparations to get you back up and running quickly.

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Picking a Gilded Hero in Clicker Heroes

gildsEvery transcension, upon defeating the boss at level 100 for the first time, and every 10th level after that, you will receive 1 gilded hero at random. As you get farther into the game, you can start moving the gilds to other heroes in order to increase your DPS. This guide will help you determine when to start moving gilds and which hero(es) to place the gilds on.

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3 Pitfalls About Doing eBay Consignment For The General Public

NopeWhile continuing my eBay consignment sales for several years beyond eBay’s closure of the Trading Assistant program, I’ve encountered my fair share of disagreements. If you’re thinking about selling something on consignment, please understand all three of the points I’ve described below. This will save you a lot of time and energy if you’re not on the same page.

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