3 Pitfalls About Doing eBay Consignment For The General Public

NopeWhile continuing my eBay consignment sales for several years beyond eBay’s closure of the Trading Assistant program, I’ve encountered my fair share of disagreements. If you’re thinking about selling something on consignment, please understand all three of the points I’ve described below. This will save you a lot of time and energy if you’re not on the same page.

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5 Reasons To Avoid eBay’s Valet Program

Two years ago eBay scrapped their Trading Assistant program and replaced it with the pile of garbage that is the Valet program. This replaced quality trader-client relationships with impersonal, unreliable service. Thankfully, I’ve been able to find my own clients now that I’m too small for eBay to consider sending me leads. But it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth how eBay left their trading assistants in the dust after over a decade of operating the TA program. Here are five reasons why you should skip the Valet and find yourself a local trading assistant to work with instead:

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When Is A Compliment Not A Compliment?

E-mail can be a great tool for building your business. But when you reach out to solicit new business, don’t waste time with fake compliments. Your prospective client will see right through it. Especially if they are me, and if your email looks like this (I’ve removed the name of his website, because he does not deserve the free promotion.)

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Call It A “Guarantee”

I’ve been using the United States Postal Service for 99% of my eBay shipping ever since I joined back in 1999. Despite all of the bad things you may hear, problems are rare, though still inevitable due to the sheer volume of parcels they process. I’ve never hesitated to defend the USPS whenever I hear a snide comment about government incompetence. However, incompetence most certainly exists at USPS, and it’s not the government’s fault.

Whether it’s USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL, or any other shipper, sooner or later a problem’s going to arise. I’ve had my share of problems with UPS leaving their sticky notes without actually making a delivery attempt. For the amount of packages I ship with USPS, they do a surprisingly good job. However, two weeks ago I probably had the worst customer service experience I’ve ever encountered with USPS. I’ll be taking my overnight shipping needs to UPS or Fedex, and once you’re done reading this story, you might want to, also.

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How To Avoid 5 Common eBay Mistakes

eBay is a fantastic way to make money cleaning up the clutter in your house or apartment. It’s a great business opportunity as there are many different markets you can potentially profit from. With these potential profits also come potential pitfalls, though. There are many aspects of selling that new sellers – and even some sellers who aren’t so new – tend to overlook or misunderstand. Since knowing is half the battle, here’s how you can avoid these 5 common eBay mistakes.

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Looking Back at Over 15 Years of Entrepreneurship

(WARNING: This post is political in nature. You have been warned!)

It’s been over 15 years since I was “brainwashed” into thinking that being my own boss would be a good career choice, and that a job in America was no longer a secure way to make a living. I even tried to “brainwash” others in hopes that they would see the light and give entrepreneurship a try. However, my efforts were in vain. Most people prefer working by the hour, or for a regular salary – it’s the path of least resistance. Even falling job security didn’t seem to scare anyone I knew out of putting their livelihood in someone else’s hands.

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How Much Does An Online Business Cost? $6 Per Month.

Online Business - WHAT IF I TOLD YOU YOU COULD START AN ONLINE BUSINESS FOR $6 PER MONTH Matrix MorpheusWhether you are looking to make a full time income working from your home, or simply supplement your job with some extra income, starting a business online is a great way to turn something you are passionate about as a hobby into a way to pay the bills. Anyone can get started making money online without spending a lot. You don’t need an MBA, loans, or employees, either. Assuming you already have a working internet connection, getting started only costs about $6 a month. Here’s what you need to begin making money online.

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How To Pick a Selling Price or Research an Item on eBay

Researching the value of something on eBay is a quick and simple process. Whether you are looking to sell an item or simply research its value, the process is one and the same. You need an eBay account to use the advanced search features, even if you won’t be selling on eBay. If you’ve got a couple of minutes, you can look up the value of anything this way!

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5 Tips For Picking An eBay Trading Assistant

Selling on eBay is a great way to clear the clutter out of your home, and make some much needed extra cash in the process. If you aren’t comfortable selling online, eBay’s Trading Assistant Directory is a great way to find an eBay expert in your area who can list your items for you. This saves you the time of photographing, listing, dealing with customers, and shipping your goods. When picking a trading assistant to work with, here are five things you should look out for.

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