Choosing A Magic The Gathering Deck Theme

Whether you are a competitive tournament player or a casual gamer, it’s important to find the right type of Magic The Gathering deck to suit your play style. Some decks thrive off heavy offense (lots of creatures or direct damage spells) and others from their defense (counter-magic and removal spells). Depending on what Magic cards are available to you, you can also build a “combo deck” that combines a a few different cards together to provide an instant win condition.

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How to Sell Your Magic The Gathering Cards

If you’re getting out of Magic completely, or just looking to trim down your collection, there’s many different ways to sell some (or all) of your Magic cards. The amount of time you are willing to invest will be proportionate to your return. Here’s a few different ways to sell your Magic The Gathering cards:

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How To Run A Magic The Gathering Booster Draft

Tired of playing the same Magic The Gathering decks against each other, over and over again? Booster drafting might just be the cure for your Magic boredom. All you need is three Magic booster packs per person (Magic repacks work fine, too!) some basic land cards, and a few friends. Drafting is a great way to test your skill as a Magic player, as you get to play with Magic cards you wouldn’t normally use in constructed decks! Here’s how to hold your very own MTG booster draft:

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