The Curse of the Four Horsemen

Last week, my guild faced off against the Four Horsemen in Naxxramas (10-man) and ran into an unfortunate situation. During our first attempt, people were just learning the fight and we wiped, which is nothing unexpected. Our second attempt went rather well, until one of the priest healers got disconnected. Our third attempt also went pretty well, until the other priest healer got disconnected! I was the only healer who didn’t get disconnected that night. It was getting pretty late so we decided to try again another time.

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How To Get A WoW Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth

The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth is the best ground mount ever invented. It can hold two passengers, and comes with two handy NPCs! One for repairs, reagents, and poisons, and a second for food and drink. The only drawbacks being that it can’t be used indoors like a repair bot, and the price tag, of course.

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Fun With WoW Achievements

Some folks raid and run heroics day and night, to take down the mightiest of bosses, and reap the most epic loot available. There’s so much more to explore in the World of Warcraft, though. I definitely enjoy raiding; it’s my number one reason for playing. However, I find a special joy in exploring the dungeons and quests once forgotten. The achievement system implemented with Wrath of the Lich King is a fun way to find something different to do, to break up the “grind”.

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