How To Get The “That’s A Lot of Bait” Achievement in WoW

By fishing 10,000 items of of fishing pools, completing the That’s A Lot of Bait achievement for your guild will unlock Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast. This achievement can easily be completed by fishing out of pools normally, with a large enough guild. However, there’s a clever way to speed up the process!

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Fun With WoW Achievements

Some folks raid and run heroics day and night, to take down the mightiest of bosses, and reap the most epic loot available. There’s so much more to explore in the World of Warcraft, though. I definitely enjoy raiding; it’s my number one reason for playing. However, I find a special joy in exploring the dungeons and quests once forgotten. The achievement system implemented with Wrath of the Lich King is a fun way to find something different to do, to break up the “grind”.

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