5 Common OKCupid Internet Dating Profile Mistakes to Avoid

I’m by no means an expert on this kind of thing, but part of the joy of being single is reading dozens and dozens of internet dating profiles trying to find someone with common interests and goals. OKCupid is a great website for this. Some profiles are well thought out; others not so much. Here are a few things I see time and time again that should probably be avoided on your journey to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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5 Ways To Avoid Scaring Away Your Internet Dream Date

Internet dating isn’t easy. It requires tons of patience, persistence, and a positive attitude. It also requires you to wade through potentially hundreds of profiles that make you bang your head against your desk – profiles of people who sound so angry and unpleasant that you can pretty much figure out why they’re single. If you’re truly looking to meet someone online, here are a few common mistakes you can learn from. Remember, you’re trying to attract a potential match, not scare them away!

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Dear Facebook, Enough With The Dating Ads

One of my all-time favorite business books (on a topic that often leaves people divided) is Inside Network Marketing by Leonard Clements. There is a section where he posts real recruiting ads that are too hilarious to be true, along with some witty responses. Ads such as “Don’t Call This Number” (there was no number listed), “Ground Floor Opportunity” (for a 125-year-old company), and “Pays 100% on Level Six” (no explanation necessary). While I may not be as witty as Mr. Clements, I’d like to offer up some responses to the slew of internet dating ads that have been cropping up on Facebook more than I’d prefer them to.

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