How To Avoid 5 Common eBay Mistakes

eBay is a fantastic way to make money cleaning up the clutter in your house or apartment. It’s a great business opportunity as there are many different markets you can┬ápotentially profit from. With these potential profits also come potential pitfalls, though. There are many aspects of selling that new sellers – and even some sellers who aren’t so new – tend to overlook or misunderstand. Since knowing is half the battle, here’s how you can avoid these 5 common eBay mistakes.

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A Perfect Example of How *NOT* To E-mail Your Affiliates

A week ago I signed up for a couple of CPA (cost-per-action) affiliate networks: 1st Class CPA and Max Bounty. Max Bounty has been around for a very long time and seems very professional. I received a call from the affiliate manager and she was very friendly and helpful. A few days later, I received the following e-mail from 1st Class CPA. Apparently the self-proclaimed “CPA Network Owner Extraordinaire” of 1CC feels it’s perfectly acceptable to talk down to his affiliates. This is not a very wonderful way to boost your company’s image.

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5 Ways To Avoid Scaring Away Your Internet Dream Date

Internet dating isn’t easy. It requires tons of patience, persistence, and a positive attitude. It also requires you to wade through potentially hundreds of profiles that make you bang your head against your desk – profiles of people who sound so angry and unpleasant that you can pretty much figure out why they’re single. If you’re truly looking to meet someone online, here are a few common mistakes you can learn from. Remember, you’re trying to attract a potential match, not scare them away!

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10 Link Exchange E-Mail Blunders You Can Easily Avoid

Every week I receive a few spammy looking link exchange request e-mails. While link exchanging is a great way to drive additional visitors to your website, there are some obvious blunders you can easily avoid by reading one of these spam e-mails. Today’s spammer provided me with not three, but ten link request faux pas. See if you can spot them all:

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3 Things To Avoid When Requesting A Link Exchange

Today I received yet another cut and paste email asking to exchange links. I wouldn’t doubt that most webmasters receive at least a few of these each week. While trading links with similar websites is a great way to build traffic, there are a few faux-pas that are important to avoid while building links to your website. Perhaps the best way to explain these marketing blunders is by dissecting an e-mail I received today:

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3 Surefire Methods to Drive Your E-Commerce Customers Elsewhere

In a rough economy like today’s, a strong customer retention strategy is important for any e-commerce business to thrive. It is far more costly to obtain a new customer through advertising than to market to an existing customer. Yet so many companies make simple mistakes that cost them several customers each day. Before you spend a dime on advertising, keep in mind these three popular ways of scaring your customers away:

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How Dell Could Learn From American Express

I’ve been using American Express for many years now. Their rewards program is one of the best – you can redeem your rewards points for many items, including Dell certificates. I have used these certificates to save a lot of money on purchasing new computers and accessories over the years. I recently redeemed my points for a $100 gift certificate to use on a Radeon X1550 video card. Unfortunately, after spending two entire days trying to get the card to work, I didn’t have much luck.

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