What’s New in the Clicker Heroes 1.0 Transcendence Update

If you’re returning to Clicker Heroes from an extended break, you may notice a lot has changed in the new version. Transcendence, the flagship feature of this patch, allows you to reset your ancients to gain a huge progress boost. The first thing you’ll probably be wondering is when to transcend, and the next order of business is going to be how to spend ancient souls. You may also notice some other changes. Here’s a full list of what’s new in Clicker Heroes 1.0:

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When to Transcend in Clicker Heroes

Transcendence is the second tier reset in Clicker Heroes. It’s the next level of ascension. When you transcend, you sacrifice all of your hero souls, ancients, relics, and gold, keeping only rubies, mercenaries, clan immortal damage, ancient souls and transcendent power. You gain ancient souls that are spent on Outsiders; another level of ancients. You also gain transcendent power (up to 25%) which exponentially increases how fast your hero soul rewards grow. This guide will help you determine when to transcend and help you get you up and running on your new transcension.

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

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